La Gloria


La Gloria

Our Story

Since our arrival from Lima fourteen years ago, we have dedicated ourselves to offering a place where enjoyment and joy reign. We love to celebrate life with exceptional Mediterranean, Peruvian, and local cuisine; an extensive variety of fabulous wines, warm hugs, contagious laughter, and shared moments among friends and loved ones.

As we move forward, we hope the party continues and that we can continue to share special moments here, at La Gloria de Quito.

Our greatest wish is that our dear friends fully enjoy their visit as much as we enjoy welcoming them every day. In our home, dishes come and go, glasses are filled, emptied, and filled again, and that is an opportunity to create new experiences.

May joy and camaraderie continue to flow as we toast to life. Nothing pleases us more than seeing you enjoy!


Our Premises

The Great Terrace

The Grand Terrace is our brand-new space where the joy multiplies and the smiles are amplified. This fresh Terrace is modern, inviting, and full of life. We’ve crafted an innovative selection of ceviches and crudos, platters, rice dishes, and much more.

Accompanied by our Lively Bar and the astonishing Ceviches and Crudos Bar, you can savor the finest pisco sours, gin tonics, wines, and bubbles. It’s the loveliest open setting in the city, and it’s right here at La Gloria!

Main Salon

The main dining hall of the restaurant pulses with the joy of people, while our music wraps around the festive ambiance. Tables overflow with exquisite dishes, always accompanied by their wine bottles, as laughter and lively conversations intertwine in the air. Like a synchronized ballet, the waitstaff glide back and forth, attending our guests and ensuring that every smile is genuine.

The atmosphere embraces warmth and hospitality, yet carries a mischievous touch of fun. The walls are adorned with bottled art, creating a gallery of stories captured in glass. From this privileged viewpoint, the majestic La Gloria wine cellar unfolds, inviting you to select the perfect wine to complement each flavor of your meal.

This corner is the perfect stage for a romantic dinner, for weaving nights of laughter with friends, and, of course, for sealing those anticipated business deals. Regardless of the occasion, in the main dining hall of La Gloria, you’ll always find the melody of happiness.

The biggest wine cellar in Ecuador

The dream awakens with a clinking of wine glasses, as two friends who share an immense passion for the world of wine – the “namesakes” or the two Santiagos: Vintimilla and Jarrín – both wine enthusiasts and sommeliers, one a wine merchant and the other a restaurateur.

They are seated at the Bar of La Gloria Restaurant in Quito. Surely, under the enchanting influence of various uncorked bottles, they begin to weave a grand and ambitious project to extend the concept of the now existing Wine Shop of La Gloria Restaurant. This shop provides diners with all wines at retail prices, reaching towards a much broader and contemporary realm.

Patricio Zaldumbide, the CFO and also a partner of the restaurant and the project, gives even greater wings to the dream, ultimately transforming it into the largest wine eCommerce platform in the country, an enterprise achieved collectively.

The Great Bar

The Bar at La Gloria is sheer delight! It’s unique, the very heart of the restaurant. A place for tapas, for dining, for sipping, for laughter, for dinner, for conversations, for enjoyment, for celebration, for before and after, for relishing, for reconnecting, for falling in love…
An intimate space frequented by regulars and friends of the establishment, the bar welcomes everyone with open arms. One of Quito’s most iconic and renowned bars, it boasts a distinctive atmosphere that captivates

Private Room

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